Effects of Biotechnology in Healthcare

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The Effects of Biotechnology in Healthcare 2

Technology continues to have a major impact on healthcare and how it’s delivered in the U.S. The use of the technological developments in healthcare is what raises basic questions and the issue of whether or not it is ethical or moral to do so. The technology and research used in the US have no ranked one of the highest, are known as the best worldwide, and have therefore allowed Americans promising breakthroughs in the areas that include cancer treatments, surgical treatments, innovations in biotechnology and pharmacology. The advancements in genetic research has allowed the world of medicine to better understand perplexed medical conditions and the abilities to soon prevent or reverse many inherited conditions with the help of genetically engineered drugs. Along with many controversial ethical issues involving healthcare, biotechnology is an area that poses a dilemma and raises a moral debate. In all, biotech has improved human healthcare and enabled biotechnologists to develop ways to give faster, more precise tests and therapies with less side effects.

Key New Developments in Biotechnology
Biotechnology had been described as “the chemical processes and products of a range of organisms discovered empirically” (Butterworth-Heinemann, 1991). The main challenge of biotechnologists, with new metabolic processes and their interrelationships being developed, was the inheritance and regulation of synthesized enzymes and myriads. This challenge over the years has been met thanks to molecular genetics which have provided tools for biotechnology use in many areas across healthcare. The future of biotechnology is so promising due to the sophistication of modern biological sciences. It includes introducing genes of plants and animals to create transgenic organisms and developing innovative treatment and therapies for patients suffering from chronic disease. New and

The Effects of Biotechnology in Healthcare 3

unexpected ways of doing things has and continue to be the excitement of innovation for the field of biotechnology. What is Biotechnology in Healthcare?
I reference to healthcare, biotechnology, also referred to as healthcare biotechnology, According to The European Association of Bioindustries, is a medicinal or diagnostic product or a vaccine that consists of, or has been produced in living organisms and may be manufactured via recombinant technology (2009). This form of technology has the mission of targeting the disease and offers new solutions to patients which include; higher clinical effectiveness, and superior therapeutic and diagnostics approaches (EuropaBio, 2009). The European Association for Bioindustries explains that biotech produces information used to alter and improve cell behavior in areas that include medecines (gene therapy), vaccines and diagnostics. Overall, biotechnology in healthcare offers high hopes to treat patients with disease. Biotech has strongly increased the efficacy and number of diagnostics

The advances in biotechnology has allowed for the direction of medical conditions more accurately and quickly. Take the biotechnology based tool of home testing kits for example, the newer generation of this product give results that are more accurate than earlier ones and can be used at earlier stages of disease (HIV, Hepatitis C). The diagnosis of infectious diseases can now be made early on, making it possible for early treatment, unlike tests used prior to the use of biotechnology. Now with the use of biotech in diagnostics, simpler blood test allow doctors to measure the amount of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and also eliminates the need for expensive and invasive surgeries in regards to certain types of cancer (Ovarian, Prostrate). Previously the aforementioned diseases were diagnosed
The Effects of Biotechnology in Healthcare 4

much later some even...
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