Effects of Being the Designated Driver

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  • Published : March 20, 2012
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Effects of Being the Designated Driver

Drinking and driving has been a problem in the United States for what seems like forever. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, driving while intoxicated is “the crime most frequently committed by a non-criminal,” (DWIfacts.net). It seems at least once a week there is a story in the news about someone leaving the bar drunk and never making it home. What if those people made a different choice? What if they chose, or chose to be a designated driver? Their stories would have ended much differently. There are hundreds of reasons to make the right decision and be the designated driver. For one, it is fun to be the voice of reason and the morning-after- story-teller. Also, it keeps the driver and driver’s friends out of trouble, and choosing to stay sober and drive keeps everyone safe. One of the reasons to be the designated driver is it can be fun to be sober around the drunk friends. Yes, it may sound like a very obnoxious evening, but being the only one able to recall everything from the night before can be hilarious. Recounting stories of “the night before” has always been a fun part of the drinking process, but now it is possible to get the straight facts. Another reason to be the DD is the opportunity is not presented to get so drunk that one starts acting like an idiot and making bad decisions. It is also nice to be able to coax friends into the right decisions, and keep them from regretting something later. Helping friends make the right decision is one of the most rewarding things one can do, especially when they do not have the ability to make coherent decisions on their own.

Being the designated driver also has some more serious benefits, like staying out of trouble. Being caught drinking and driving in Texas is a very serious offense, and the police are becoming stricter due to the recent deaths of some of their officers because of drunk drivers. Because the police are taking this offense more seriously,...
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