Effects of Advertisement on Indian Children

Topics: Tobacco advertising, Advertising, Television advertisement Pages: 11 (3441 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Impact of Advertisements on Children in India


Background: Advertisements has been a part of our culture and its impact of young children has been a concern for quite some time. The Society at large must raise their voice. Aim: This study was conducted to find out the implication of irresponsible advertisements and their impact of children of aged 7-15. Methods: Cross-sectional study was conducted on children and parents with two separate independent questionnaires. 500 students from schools and 120 families are the subject of the study. Results: Rise in the sales of junk food, growth in TV ads, harmful content broadcasting, and no regulation over unhealthy food and development of bad habits among children. Conclusion:  Strict enforcement of regulations on advertisements in any form, corrective measures and a need of guidelines under the supervision of the government and society.

Keywords: Advertisement, Children, Health, Regulation


The term advertising is derived from the original Latin word ‘advertere’ which means ‘to turn’ the attention and according to the New Encyclopaedia Britannica, “Advertising is a form of communication intended to promote the sale of a product or service to influence the public opinion to gain political support or to advance a particular cause.”Today Children purchasing power is approximately $ 700 billion which is more than the economy of 115 poor nations combined. In a complex world of capitalization and heavy market competition, advertisements play a vital role in persuasion of consumer towards lines of products. Advertising is rightly considered as one of the most powerful means of influence on mass consciousness. Over its long history, advertising has evolved and has become a dominant sub-culture of human life. Most of us do not realize how advertisement effects out life-style. Advertising is increasingly interfering in a person's life by controlling them on the conscious and unconscious levels. Though advertising is needed for economic development, as it accelerates the sale of manufactured goods, it can reduce prices, increases consumption and thereby increases output; it subsidizes media, encourages competition, and expands market and creates more jobs. Despite the fact that global market is in recession, the study suggests that advertising expenditures in all media segment throughout India are ascending by 23% and India currently holds 9th position advertising market worldwide.

Many of us believe that we do not get influenced by any sort of advertisement but people in the marketing sector thinks otherwise. Advertising rarely succeeds through argument or calls to action, instead it creates positive memories and feelings that influence our behaviour over time to encourage us to buy something at a later date. No one likes to think that they are easily influenced. In the United States alone companies invest $70 billion into marketing which contradicts with the feeling most of us have. The demographics of India are inclusive of the second most populous country in the world with 50% of its citizen under the age of 25 and 31 % of the population is under the age of 15. Marketers across the world and in India are targeting children for marketing of their products. Kids represent an important demographic segment to marketers because they have their own purchasing power, they influence their parents' buying decisions and they are the adult consumers of the future. "Pester power" refers to children's ability to nag their parents into purchasing items they may not otherwise bought Today kids have more bargaining power and autonomy over their parents which instigate parents to purchase items of the child’s choice .The reach of marketers has gone beyond the conventional media and has arrived in school books. Corporations realize the power of the school environment for promoting their name and products. The exploitation of...
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