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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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What was the major development in evolution of mass media in the 20th century

The mass media included television, radio, newspaper and telephone. Before television, there was morse code, but later the telephone came in to play, people decided that it was much easier than waiting for a telegram. Before the invention of television there was the radio, this was considered the main form of entertainment for a family, the radio contained talk shows and advertisements read over the radio from different stores. Newspapers have been around for ages, they were pretty much the communication for cities, towns and small communities. Everything changed when television made an appearance in 1935. The first television set was black and white, mostly they were owned by people who were considered rich, later it became affordable for more families to own. The three major programs offered were ABC, CBS and NBC, later on the color television set was developed. Later on the computer was developed, they seemed too large for households, so most computers were used by the government, after that Apple developed a computer smaller for household use, more and more companies have developed better technology with the computer, television and the internet.

How did each development influence America

How did these influence America, The newspaper gave the news, it had no other purpose, but as it developed it was used for other purposes, today the newspaper is used for comments and criticism, this involves social, political and religion, this also vents grievances. The radio became very popular, it became the opportunity to speak to people in their homes, it changed the consumer marketing and was a link for entertainment information and product consumption, another use of radio was the war, they used for the detection of planes and ships which was called radar. By the 1950’s radio was lost to television....
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