Effectiveness of a Storyboard

Topics: Problem solving, Ishikawa diagram, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: October 14, 2011
Assess the Effectiveness of a Storyboard

I am reviewing “Orange County Health Department in Florida-- STD Quality Improvement Project Storyboard (October 2005 – July 2006) http://www.phf.org/resourcestools/Documents/orangecountystoryboard.pdf. Every step of the performance improvement process was represented on the storyboard. The problem was that early syphilis cases were increasing in Orange County, and the goal was to reduce early syphilis cases by 25 percent. The storyboard followed a logical sequence, easy to read and appealing to the eye. I was impressed with this storyboard. The STD QI team described 6 major processes involved in doing a “Field Blood Draws” by using a Process Map. They also used Brainstorming and Discussions as QI tools as well. Orange County Health Department (OCHD) formed an STD QI team to solve the syphilis problem. OCHD was short on staff, turnover was high, resources were scarce, and employee satisfaction was low. Because of the urgency of the STD problem, new solutions were vital. Surveillance data showed significant increases in early syphilis over the previous four years. If not rapidly controlled, early syphilis would become a larger epidemic, costing the community hundreds of thousands of dollars in health related costs. I believe the mission and vision statement contained the required elements and related to the performance improvement process. The vision statement was great! “Protecting Your Health…It’s What We Do”. OCHD’s mission says “To enhance the quality of life, promote the health, and preserve the environment for all people in the Orange County community”. They put into practice what they preach. They strived to enhance the quality of life, protected the health of citizens by taking the steps necessary to accomplish their goal. The data portion was displayed in an easy to read format. I enjoyed seeing several QI tools put to use. Examples used were Why Tree, Affinity Diagram, and Fishbone Diagram. The Fishbone...
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