Effectiveness of Using Handouts as an Aide in Teaching English Iv to the Fourth Year High School Student of Estipona High School Main

Topics: Homework, Regulatory Focus Theory, Effectiveness Pages: 4 (1051 words) Published: November 24, 2012

Some students now a day are not too serious in their studies; it is because of innovation of some bad vices that can affect the performance of a student in school. But, handouts itself can improve the studies of a student. It can persuade them to study well, because if you have handouts, you can easily catch up your lessons.

It can be easier for a student to study because, it seems like in only one material, it may contained all your lessons, you can easily review for your exam and for your studies.
Handouts is something given freely or distributed free. It can refer to materials handed out for presentation purposes or to a charitable gift, among other things. Always remember, handouts can be an aid and not a distraction when handled well.

Effects of Handouts into Students Study
Handouts gave big effect into our studies especially for those students who didn’t listen attentively during class discussion.
According to Sazon, with the use of handouts, you are capable to review your lessons well, and it also serves as your reviewer or study guide every exam.
Here are some effects of using handouts including Positive Effects and Negative Effects. Positive Effects. For most of us Handouts are staple of instructional life, but other say, 2
“Their development is often a trial-and-error process.” Like so many other aspects of instruction, we take the handouts for granted, their creation guided largely by intuition. The followings are some of the positive effects of using handouts into students study. 1. Serves as advance organizers, previewing and preparing students for what’s to come. 2. Introduce activities, describe the task, offer advice on process and identify outcomes. 3. Provide a break during a lecture, allowing students to read instead of listen. 4. Serves as study guides, containing summaries and highlights of key points covered in class or in the text. 5. Use principally to reduce the amount of time spend copying...
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