Effectiveness of Using Audio Visual Presentation in Teaching College Physics to Medical and Allied Courses Students of Our Lady of Fatima University.

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  • Published : March 4, 2011
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In studying College physics, most of the concepts and physical laws must accompanied with demonstration and examples in order for the students to have a clear picture of what particular physical interactions are being explained, from hearing to seeing, as in multiple intelligence, students tends to recall easily lessons when they are aided with audio visual presentation .

Audio visual presentation help you reach your objectives by providing emphasis to whatever is being said. Clear pictures multiply the audience's level of understanding of the material presented, and they should be used to reinforce your message, clarify points, and create excitement.

Audio visual presentation adds impact and interest to a lesson. They enable to appeal to more than one sense at the same time, thereby increasing the audience's understanding and retention level. With pictures, the concepts or ideas you present are no longer simply words - but words plus images.


This study aimed to analyze and measure the effectiveness in academic performance in College Physics of Our Lady of Fatima University Medical and allied courses students with the aid of audio visual presentation during the second semester school year 2010-2011. Moreover, this study will provide evidence how efficient will it be when an audio visual presentation is incorporated in teaching general physics.


Specifically this study sought to answer the following questions:

1.What are the pre test mean scores of the control and experimental group?

2.What are the post test mean scores of the control and experimental groups?

3. Is there a significant gain between the pre test mean scores and post test mean scores of the control and experimental group?

4.Is there a significant difference between the post test mean scores of the control and experimental groups after the intervention is administered?

5.How much do the control...
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