Effectiveness of Training on Prfomance of Empoyee Aibl

Topics: Islamic banking, Sharia, Bank Pages: 25 (6590 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Economic development of a country banking sector plays a vital role. Al Arafah Islami Bank is one of the markets leading bank in the banking sector and it has already proved it presence and contribution in the socio economic prospect. The internship report titled on “Effectiveness of training on performance of employees”: A Study on Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited (Khulna branch) is submitted as a partial prerequisite of the BBA Program of Northern University Bangladesh. The purpose of this internship report is to learn how to apprise the employees in banking sector. The topic was assigned by my internship supervisor Md. Nurul Huda Razib, Lecturer in marketing, department of business Administration, Manarat International University. Performance appraisal plays an important role to develop employee’s performance day by day in progress of bank sectors. As a part of my BBA program my internship at this bank for a period of three month. During this period I have learned about this organization and its workings environments which inspire me to work on my topic which is “Effectiveness of training on performance of employees”: A Study on Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited (Khulna branch). The report is divided into four chapters as, Chapter one contains the element of the report as the background of the study, how I collected data to analyze, to analyze which method I applied etc. Chapter two discusses the background of the bank, management and their product and service etc. Chapter three includes analysis form the collected data and after analysis what I found is referred into finding. Chapter four includes recommendations which could be the probable solution of findings and could be better for the bank according to my point of view and at last conclusion. Business world is becoming very much complex day by day. Without very much practical experience business becomes difficult in some cases impossible the whole world I s moving because of business relation. Business plays a very important role is regarded as a media through whom we have an acquaintance with the real world. I basically tried to understand whether training has effect on the performance of employees or not and how effective the training provided by Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd.


1.1.Background of the study
Bank is the means performer for the financial sector of Bangladesh as well as for the economy. Bank comprises with human resources who are most important and essential assets of an organization. An organization is nothing without human resource b take because human being part in a dual role- as resource, as a motivation force for all other. They can make or break the fortunes of an organization. Within today’s highly competitive business environment placing the right people in the right position is very vital for the success of any organization. So the efficiency of training is of most important importance because it is the vehicle for obtaining the best possible person-to person job. Fit that will contribute significantly towards the organizations effectiveness. The development of globally competitive Islamic Banking Software product by local it house millennium that has been attracting attention in Malaysia and the Middle East is a pointer to how Bangladesh can position itself in the global Islamic Banking market. The Islamic Banking sector continues to grow globally at a rapid pace. In a short, US investment Bank, Morgan Stanley (2008), highlighted that the 22 Islamic banks in the gulf have in excess of $ 300 billion of Shariah-compliant assets and set for double digit growth over the next ten years. My internship period was for three months. The bank offered me to purse work in different department for three months against my application. During my internship period I have introduce with different business and financial activities. These banking activities are...
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