Effectiveness of Teachers by Neans of Their Marital Status

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RESEARCH TITLE: Factors for Effective Teaching in the Classroom Factors for Effective Teaching in the Classroom
Marie Brown
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By Marie Brown, eHow Contributor
updated: March 07, 2011
Effective teaching focuses on students.
Part of every teacher's professional development is learning to teach effectively. While the learning institution itself outlines specific course goals, ultimately teachers are responsible for planning and implementing how those goals will be met. In their book "McKeachie's Teaching Tips," authors Wilbert J. McKeachie and Marilla Svinicki remind teachers that "in most courses we are concerned about helping our students in a lifelong learning process." Because learning depends on having a classroom environment that supports learning, there are several factors teachers can consider to increase their effectiveness. 1. Set Clear Expectations

* Design the syllabus so that course expectations are clearly laid out. Using bold, uniform headings makes it easier for students to find the policies that will affect them the most, such as attendance, class and homework points. Knowing the rules motivates students to take control of their own learning, which in turn contributes to effective teaching. Consistency Matters

* Enforce policies consistently. You can earn respect from students by handling their requests to make up work and excuse absences the same way each time. Failing to show favoritism helps students perceive the teacher as fair, contributing to an atmosphere of trust needed for successful teaching. Encourage Active Learning

* Promote active learning. A 2009 study by...
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