Effectiveness of Supreme Student Council as Viewed by Selected College Students of Baliuag University for School Year 2013-2014

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background
In every active organization, there are members and officers. These officers are elected through various ways. It could be depending on the length of time they have been active members of a particular organization, or most commonly, through elections. An organization has a set of objectives and plans. If the members of an organization share the same mission, the more likely they are to succeed on their goals. The officers are the ones responsible for organizing events and mobilizing their members to be productive. It has been a tradition in every school or university to conduct an election annually. This voting process will determine the student leaders who will serve the school for an academic year. In Baliuag University, this set of students is called the Supreme Student Council. They are composed of twelve (12) student leaders from different college departments. The official positions include the following: (1) President, (2) Vice-President, (3) Secretary, (4) Assistant Secretary, (5) Treasurer, (6) Assistant Treasurer, (7) Auditor, (8) Assistant Auditor, (9) Business Manager, (10) Assistant Business Manager, (11) P.R.O., and lastly, (12) Sergeant at Arms. Each position is decided through voting. All the students enrolled for the semester have the right to vote for their desired student to take the position. After the votes are counted and the results are announced, the new officers take their respective positions and responsibilities. Their general tasks include conducting informative seminars, supporting other organizations’ events, and organizing school events.

Statement of the Problem
The main problem of the study is to determine how visible and effective the officers are in performing their tasks and duties as perceived by the selected college students of Baliuag University.
Specifically, this study also aims to answer the following questions: 1. What characteristics determine a visible...
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