Effectiveness of Social Networking Sites

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Human beings according to Aristotle are social animal. In this regard, it is not difficult to comprehend why social networking sites today have taken over the scene in the internet world. The success of social networking sites is due to the number of people living away from the people they loved, those people that they once frequently interact with or those people that would love to interact and keep track with people that they know that are not virtually around. This kept everyone in touch with the people that are not virtually around, as well as those people that you see every day. This works with a simple update on what is going on with their lives and post it in the site. Thomas (2011)

Moreover, the success of these sites has also attracted internet marketers to use these social media sites to advertise and market their product through these social networking sites. The number of people connected to other people has increased the sales of these marketers because of the speed and how the information has traveled from one person to another. The relation of each person to another has a great effect for passing the information. But today, there is an outstanding tool that can help internet marketers become more successful with the use of social media sites, the Facebook fan page. Howard, P. N., & Jones, S., Eds. (2004)

Aside from that, technology has been the other principal driver of globalization. Advances in information technology, in particular, have dramatically transformed economic life. Information technologies have given all sorts of individual economic actors – consumers, investors, businesses – valuable new tools for identifying and pursuing economic opportunities, including faster and more informed analyses of economic trends around the world, easy transfers of assets and collaboration with far-flung partners. Internet is one of the most widely used technologies nowadays. The development of Representational State Transfer (REST) API, lead to the development of social networking sites like facebook, twitter and myspace. Social networking sites such as facebook and multiply has become the party lines of this young century. They are inviting and intriguing and a powerful communication tool. Learning how to use them wisely for marketing can increase the business profile (Levinson, 2011).

Levinson (2011); further add that technology is currently in the process of revolutionizing small business, enabling many small business owners to dream new dreams and then attain them in surprisingly brief time spans. In this regard, small business ventures were able to act big and they were able to reach their target market without spending too much.

Griffith (2011); further claimed that technology has not only evened out the business playing field, since technology also removed the “dome from the top and opened the entire world to the entrepreneur”. Online, that practitioner of free enterprise can connect up with allies and customers anywhere in the community and anywhere on the planet. That small business owner has learned that virtual is a state of mind and that it really means "connected" for technology makes teamwork easier than ever possible.

In this regard, social networking sites primarily designed to connect with people became an important tool of internet marketing. Online marketing involves emailing, posting notices at forums, engaging in chats, accomplishing research, gathering market data and having a website.

Different products including beauty or cosmetics products were marketed through internet marketing, particularly through the use of social media. In line with this, it is imperative to study how the target market of different companies and enterprises reacts on the marketing of the said products online. Moreover, the researcher became very eager to identify the perception of the...
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