Effectiveness of Snake and Ladder in Learning Simple Past

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  • Published: December 27, 2010
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The title of this research is “Effectiveness of snake and ladder game in learning simple past”. The English Language plays a vital role in the lives of many Malaysians. Malaysian government stresses on the use of English in schools to prepare our students to communicate and write well in English. In order to communicate and write effectively in English students need to have good foundation in grammar. Unfortunately, many students still make grammatical errors when they speak or write in English. This is because they did not give importance to grammar because they find it complicated and confusing. Usually, most of the English teachers approach grammar teaching very seriously, making the lesson dull and uninteresting. So, the students easily felt bored during the grammar lesson. Students are lack of interest, confidence and motivation when the teachers use traditional method.

One way to reinforce the interest of students in learning grammar is through the use of games. Oxford English Dictionary defines game as “an activity with rules in which people or teams compete against each other”. Students will get excited and when there is a competition among them. They are challenging and highly motivating for the students. Games will make students to learn and understand the rules easily without making them confuse and complicated. Besides that, games can also remove the boredom of grammar. There are many games that we can apply during the grammar lesson. One of it is ‘snake and ladder’. Snake and ladder game is not only eagerly played by children. Adults too captivated with the game. This game can be also used to teach grammar especially simple past.

Most of the students are still not conscious about the structure and usage of the simple past. As a result, they tend to make errors in their sentences. Therefore, this study is aimed to investigate whether snake and ladder game is...
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