Effectiveness of Serive Supporting People

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Task 2

As a manager of a health and social care organization i would like to present to you the effectiveness of the service when supporting people through significant life event. 1. Providing the right care and support

* Rehabilitation and early supported discharge
An element of the national stroke strategy is the implementation of early supported discharge (ESD). ESD provides a greater proportion of rehabilitation in the community rather than in hospital. It is not suitable for everyone, but it is estimated that around 40% of patients could benefit from ESD. Research has shown that ESD is costeffective and can achieve better outcomes for patients, as well as relieving the demand on beds in stroke units.

* Supporting community life
Services can help people minimise the risk of having another stroke, by making sure they get the right medication and checks.

* Services for carers and families

* Meeting individuals’ needs

2. Involving and informing stroke survivors and carers

* Information for people who have had a stroke and carers * Support and coordination
* Choice and personalisation
* Involvement in planning and monitoring services

3. Working together to deliver effective care

* Transfer home
* Reviews and assessments
* Working in partnership
Recommendations :

* Improving services for vulnerable groups, such as people who do not have a carer or family member to help them cope, and people in care homes. • Care for children who have had a stroke.
Supporting people who have had a stroke to return to work – such as providing access to vocational rehabilitation and improving employers’ understanding of, and attitudes to, stroke-related disabilities. * The availability and accessibility of the specialist inpatient rehabilitation services available at a regional level....
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