Effectiveness of Guidance Program in Public Secondary Schools

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  • Published : January 11, 2013
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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

(Seminar Thesis Writing)


ASSIGNMENT 1: Major Field Periodicals, Methodologies, Abstracts, Theses

Rationale: This assignment is designed to encourage you to read and understand educational research and the academic resources available in the field of educational management (e.g., evaluation studies, policy research, curriculum, systems, classroom management, institutional studies, administration and supervision skills, etc.)

I) You are to research and gather a minimum of ten (10) of the prominent published and unpublished research studies – in a research study of your choice in educational management.

II) Prepare an outline of the published/unpublished work following the suggested outline below:

1. Name of Author/Date Published
2. Introduction with Thesis Statement/Purpose
3. Major Field Definition/Description
4. Major Field Periodicals
a. Academic Journals
b. Scientific Journals
c. Internet resources
5. Methodologies Used
6. Summary of Findings
7. Abstract

Deadline: The paper is due on December 9, 2012

Credit: This paper will count for 10% towards your final grade in the course.

ASSIGNMENT 2: Problem Identification

ASSIGNMENT 3: Published Thesis

Assignment: A thesis graduate level research study related to your approved title.

As a library /Internet research paper, you will involve yourself in an already published research results; you will not be doing original research in this assignment.

The paper should be outlined using the format below;
1. Thesis Title
2. Introduction
3. The Problem Statement
4. Significance of the Problem
5. Definition of Terms
6. Literature Review
7. Hypotheses of the Study
8. The Methods Used to Collect Data
9. The Statistical Measures Used for the Analysis of the Data 10. The Summary section which includes findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Paper Length: This paper will contain no less than 10 pages and no more than 15.

Deadline: This paper will be due on _______________________.

Credit: This paper will count for 15% of the final grade for this course.

ASSIGNMENT 4: Thesis Proposal

This is a concept paper to be written following the steps of an outline specified in Assignment #4. Proposals are to be orally presented on the last scheduled meeting on March 17, 2013.

Credit:The concept paper is worth 40% to the student’s final grade.


There will be two written in-class examinations on the course lectures and reports. One is a mid-term, the other is the final examination. The two examinations together will account for 10% of the student’s final grade in the course.


A1. Major Field of Periodicals, Methodologies, Abstracts 15%
A2. Research Proposal (Published/Unpublished)15%
A3. Research Proposal (Concept Paper40%
A4. Mid Term and Final Examination10%
A5. Participation, Attendance, Punctuality, Report,
Discussion, Group Relations, etc., 20%


• Orientation, Syllabus, Guidelines
• Assignment 1, due on December 9, 2012
• Assignment 2, Title Defense, to be rendered on January 13, 2013 • Assignment #3, due on January 23, 2013, to be submitted online • Reports and Discussions, February 3 and February 24, 2013 • Assignment #4, Proposal Defense, Submission of Written Report and Thesis Proposal, March 17, 2013


Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Sta. Mesa, Manila

RSH 631 – Research Seminar 2 (Seminar in Thesis Writing)...
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