Effectiveness of Brand Ambassadors

Topics: Abhishek Bachchan, American Express, Traveler's cheque Pages: 12 (1965 words) Published: May 20, 2011
Subject: Analysis the brand personality for the different
company like

Submitted to: Prof.Pabitra Ranjan
Group :
Submitted by: Bhavesh Shah
Pinkal Navagamiya
Shail Desai Dipesh shah Vrajesh Patel



Project report helps to partial study of marketing management.

We take the opportunity to present this report. We would like to thank Prof.Pabitra Ranjan for helping and guiding us in making this research.

We would like to thank IIPM for given best facility during making this report and research.

we also would like to thank our parents for giving us best support in study.

Group member:
Bhavesh shah
Pinkal Navagamiya
Shail Desai
Dipesh shah
Vrajesh Patel


Content:Page no.

1) Executive summary
2) Companies profile
3) Objective “Why Brand Ambassador?”
4) Analysis
5) Annexure
6) Conclusion
7) Bibliography

Executive summary

This project is all about the Brand personalities related with different brands.

How the brand ambassadors effective for the companies?

This project is regarding the Benefits Company get by brand ambassadors for their products.

In initial stage of launch of any product which type of benefits are taken by the companies due to Brand personalities.

We done this project for analysis the brand personalities, for that we have done research from the questionary.

We have taken view of peopal that wheather the brand ambasodars impress them to purchase the product.

We have done analytical comparison of all four brand possessing a brand personality.

Company profile

Brand Ambassador Of Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta raring to go with Abhishek Bachchan Indicating its determination to lead the market, Ford India announced Abhishek Bachchan, as the brand ambassador for the all-new Fiesta. The company also unveiled a contemporary marketing campaign for the Fiesta that will leverage the product strengths with the captivating appeal of Abhishek. This strategic association is an aggressive initiative as the company grows its presence across the country.

Abhishek is a stylish and sophisticated actor who appeals to all segments of the Indian society — young and old, urban and rural, fashion conscious and the intelligentsia. Addressing the gathering, actor Abhishek Bachchan said, “I am honoured to be an ambassador for a truly global brand synonymous with quality, innovation and style. Helping India get more and more connected with Motorola phones is my mission for the next 24 months. It is amazing to see how we as a nation have adopted this technology and today it is pervading every sphere of our lives. Speaking for myself, I am a complete techno-geek and rely on these gadgets to keep myself organized. I absolutely love the Motorola products. They are really cool and stylish while offering the best applications. I am excited about making the difference, Right here! Right now!!”As Motorola’s brand ambassador, Abhishek will support marketing and branding efforts for the entire Mobile Device product range. Motorola’s brand quotient of youthful spirit, daring to be different, being bold and smart is in sync...
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