Effectiveness of Advertisting on Cool Drinks

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|Chapter No |Chapter Name | |I | | | |Introduction to the topic | | |Company profile | | |Product Profile anti radiation mobile chip | | | | |II |Review of Literature | |III |Research Methodology | | | | | |III. Objectives of the study | | |III. Research design | | |III . Sources of data | | |III . Sample type | | |III . Sampling area | | |III . Sample size | | |III . Research Instrument | | |III . Statistical tools used | |IV |Data Analysis & Interpretation &Limitation | |V |Findings & suggestion | |VI |Conclusion and recommendation | | |Annexure | | |Questionnaire | | |Bibliography |

Introduction to topic

I have done my project on E bio world Advance energy solution pvt. Ltd on the Project titled “ A study on market potential and internet marketing analysis of ebioshoppe. My project has been divided into two phases the first four weeks for the market research for the product , based on the market research we have formulated to post the ads in the web next four weeks. The project focuses on improving the sale of the company and help to improve its market gowth and it talks how promotion helps in improving the efficiency of business. What kind of promotion helps in developing the product, it talks about how 4ps are important for the business. It talks about the internet marketing how this sector grows in the future with the retail sector.

Company profile
About ebioshoppe.com
ebioshoppe.com is the online & on-air retail marketing and distribution venture of  E Bio World Advance Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd. Group that was launched as India’s first 24 hour Online Shopping website on February 1, 2012. ebioshoppe.com offers innovative, differentiated and demonstrative retail experiences on TV and internet and has emerged as the largest multimedia retailer in India with a user base of million users and some Prestigious Awards  to our credit ebioshoppe.com has partnered with the best branded Importing form Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and Germany  and many more to provide superlative quality and exceptional value for any customer from the stage of product selection, to placing the order & all the way to the final...
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