A STUDY ON EFFECTS OF MOVIE REVIEWS ON CONSUMER-DECISION MAKING Vaughn Kieffer S. Morales, Minerva L. Sy, & Kimberly Mae S. Talan San Beda College – College of Arts and Sciences

This research studies on how the consumer is satisfied with regard to the effects of movie reviews. Using individual viewer-level data, this research highlights how viewers' own observation and reviews and movie publics' shared sentiments illuminate consumer-decision making using survey method. The authors found that various aspects of these ratings explain consumers' new movie reviews as a measure of consumer-decision making. In addition, they also learned where that consumer usually trusts with regards to the movie reviews. .

Keywords: viewer-level effects, movie ratings, movie revenues, consumer satisfaction

Several industries focus on how the professionals or even the consumers' reacts to the products and brands. Also, they offer insights with regard to its quality. One example is when a professional movie critic’s suggests and offer insights with regard to the artistic and entertainment worth and quality of the upcoming movies. Movie comments posts, suggestions, and evaluations by the consumers have been abundant online over time as well as for the other products and brands - as an example, consumer review books on goodreads.com, movies on rottentomatoes.com, video games on gamespot.com, gadgets on gadgetsreview.com, restaurants at citysearch.com and so much more.

Philippines have provided a government agency that is responsible for the classification and review of television programs, movies, and home video, which is the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board(MTRCB). There are 7 following criteria in the judgment of the Board. First is theme, the film should not contain violence, threat, abuse, horror, or other themes that may cause fear or disturbance to a young, child's mind. Second, the researchers have language, the film may contain dialogue or other...
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