Effectivenes of Marketing Strategies in Corregidor

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Marketing strategy Pages: 25 (8195 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Effectiveness of the Marketing Strategies
in Corregidor Island

Undergrad Thesis in Tourism Research submitted in partial
Fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Roco, Ma. Ailyn L.
De Guzman, Ella P.
Gomez, Angelica F.
Herda, Marielle D.
Inao, Shiella Mariz M.
Mendoza, Nhelnette B.

The Problem and Its Background
In this chapter, researchers discussed what the study is all about, its global and local perspectives, its legal basis and purpose. They also discussed the background of the study, statement of the problem, its significance, scope and limitations. The researchers also included in this chapter the definitions of the terms used in this paper. Introduction

There are a lot of historical tourism sites all over the world. Some of them are popular like for instance the Acropolis in Athens which is an ancient citadel with the famous Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena and the Machu Picchu in Peru which is an ancient city above the mountains. Apart from the successes of these ancient sites, others are still not known to many. Examples of these are the Kerameikos which is also an ancient city just near the Acropolis where the famous potters in the whole of Athens lived and the Winaywayna, also near the Machu Picchu and is very much like it in terms of structure, only less dense. Marketing is the underlying reason as to why and how places such as the Acropolis and Machu Picchu are being promoted rather than the Kerameikos and the Winaywayna even though they have almost the same features as stated above. According to Kotler & Armstrong (2006), Marketing is a “telling, selling and satisfying customers’ needs” process. However, Cruz (2003) emphasized the uniqueness of Tourism Marketing which sets it apart from the global concept of marketing. She stated characteristics such as tourism being an intangible experience usually composed of several components such as transportation, lodging, food and beverage, attractions and activities with a demand that is highly elastic, seasonal and subject to changes in tastes and fashion. Here in the Philippines, historical sites are almost everywhere. Thanks to its very strategic location and its archipelagic geographical divisions on the Southern East Asia, foreign countries went loco over wanting to colonize the country since 1951. One of these sites in the country who played a major role in the country’s history is the Corregidor Island. Nowadays, Corregidor is one of the major historical tourist destinations in Cavite that is being promoted by the province to all; local and foreign tourists, students and professionals. Sun Cruises Inc. provides the tours in Corregidor. This initial ferrying service expanded to include guided tours and hotel accommodations within the island when the management of Corregidor Inn, Corregidor Resort and Corregidor Hostel came under its wing. (Sun Cruises Inc., 2010) It is stated by Cruz (2000) that the success of tourism activities depends heavily on well thought out marketing strategies. He also emphasized that these activities revolve around what Philip Kotler calls the four Ps of marketing: the product, price, place (distribution), and promotion. Cruz (2000) also stated that it was found that the main tourism promotion expenditure items were advertizing, (sales) promotion activities, public and press relations, public information and research. This is proven nowadays by the successful campaign of the Department of Tourism in the different countries worldwide. However, it can be seen that their major focus is European tourists mainly because according to a study retrieved from the The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) website, the profile of tourists in Europe are mostly experienced travelers, had attained higher education, are part of the higher income bracket and their most important source of trip information is by asking or telling their...
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