Effective Written Communication

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Effective Written Communication Assignment
‘Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success’ a strong statement from Paul J. Meyer; a successful businessman who believes that communication is key. Written communication has a large impact in today’s business world and is very significant for a business manager who is a part of a well reputed organisation. Planning, organising, leading and controlling a business are the main functions of management. To ensure that these roles are done accurately and effectively, written skills in particular are very important. Managers have to devote a great part of their time in written communication and it is very important they have a keen understanding of what matters need to be communicated to which particular people in an organisation. When record maintenance is required written communication is a permanent means of communication which helps in laying down apparent principles, strategies and rules for running a successful organisation. An obvious factor is that written communication is much more precise than any other form and helps within delegation of responsibilities whereas, other types such as oral communication, it is impossible to allocate tasks on the grounds of speech as it can be refused to be acknowledged. However, written communication is not always the finest as there are many setbacks. Poor writing skills and quality could have a negative impact on an organisations reputation so the manager would have to ensure that when they are communicating in a written form they would have to require great skills and capabilities in language and vocabulary use.

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