Effective Ways to Avoid Peer Pressure

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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I believe some of the most effective ways to avoid peer pressure in our Children is to have a open relationship and allow them to feel free to ask questions. As parents it’s our responsibility to be honest and to guide our children and help them to make good decisions. The Second way to avoid peer pressure is parents should also encourage good behavior and positive activity. For example when your child is aware that it’s bad to treat other people bad , then parents should acknowledge their child’s good behavior and reward them by encourage them to be respectful and fair to other people. The third way to avoid peer pressure is parents should teach their children to be productive by doing positive activities that have a positive influence in their lives such as volunteering and helping in their community, sports, dance and arts and craft. I believe if children are involved in positive activity that they love then the parents don’t have to worry about their children getting involved in bad activities such as drugs and pregnancies and peer pressure. The fourth way to avoid peer pressure is parents should be involved in who their children select as friends. If parents notice that their child’s friends have a negative influence on them ,then it’s the parents responsibility to monitor their friendship./..I believe it’s a great ideal for the parents to meet their child’s friend’s parents and build a relationship with them. Finally parent should help increase their child’s self-esteem, because children with high self-esteem are unlikely to become involve in bad activities. Teaching our children to be happy within themselves, and helping them to realize they don’t need outside influence in order to feel accepted. Children must learn to love themselves and know their self worth in order to avoid peer pressure.
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