Effective Way of Tutoring

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  • Published : August 19, 2005
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Effective way in Tutoring Students


A) Introduction
B) General discussion
1) Personal Experience
2) Tips on Promoting Student Motivation
3) Advantages and Disadvantages of Tutoring
C) Conclusion.

Tutoring is a tool in helping the children in their academic needs. The tutor guides them in answering their assignments as well as teaching them techniques in solving problems. This paper is aimed at describing tutor functional duties, tips on promoting student motivation, advantages and disadvantages of tutoring and my personal experience of tutoring students. Studies from outside sources would facilitate me in coming up with my own conclusion. I will resort to some convenient tools and opinions to provide a clear position towards effective tutoring. The main discussions and conclusion will be presented immediately within the perception of studies obtained.

There is a wide variety of reasons why parents have to get tutor for their kids. Some children and adolescents experience difficulty in achieving academic goals. Some are needed to substitute for the absence of the child's parents. Some children have behavioral disorders or belong to a huge class that is hard for them to catch up classroom discussions (McGinn, 1999).

Tutoring offers children who may be experiencing troubles with their schoolwork a chance to improve their education by receiving special attention that they may not get from a teacher or parent. They encourage kids to move forward and do their best. They are also people that children may look up to as role models. It is a hands-on approach to help children's learning processes (McGinn, 1999).

I am a tutor of math subjects in high school students. I helped them solve their assignments and teach them techniques in solving. A lot of students are having difficulty when it comes to problem solving. Problem solving is not easy at first, but following the right strategies and steps you would arrive to the...
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