Effective Use of Ict in Music Teaching

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Effective use of ICT in Music Teaching – Case study
Esther Squibb, Ringwood Junior School, 2nd March 2007

1. Setting the scene
The focus for the lesson with year 6 pupils was using Dance eJay for Schools to select and order sounds, creating a clear ABA structure. The lesson started with a brief discussion referring to examples previously demonstrated in the classroom and summarising the work done in previous lessons when pupils had been asked to create an introduction for their music and then themes A and B. During the lesson the pupils were asked to develop their compositions using an ABA structure and then appraise them making improvements and considering how to finish.

This lesson, led by the class teacher, was the fourth in a series of ten exploring using ICT to capture, change and combine sounds. This music unit of work is called Using ICT to capture, change and combine sounds to create own compositions. Pupils are required to compose a piece of music for an aerobics class with an ABA structure including an introduction and ending.

This unit is one of a new, recently introduced, series of units using ICT to enhance musical teaching and learning. Although this is the first time these pupils have used ICT in music, future year groups will benefit from starting to use eJay in year 5 and using Super Dooper Music Looper in years 3 and 4.

2. Context
Ringwood Junior School is situated in a mixed lower and middle class area. No traveller children attend the school and the number of children receiving a free school dinner is minimal.

There were 32 pupils in the observed class. The lesson was delivered by the class teacher who is the school music coordinator and a music AST.

3. Planning: objectives
The learning objectives for the unit were:
• To develop an understanding of ABA structure
• To identify a wider range of instruments and ensemble combinations • To explore and develop rhythmic material using ICT
• To use ICT to capture,...
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