Effective Use of Body Language in a Job Interview

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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How can you use your body language effectively during a job interview?

The working life usually begins when one of us decides to apply for a particular job, and usually the first step of applying is by submitting your CV. After that you`ll be asked to have your personal interview which is known as a judging point for your eligibility for the job. Most of the Employers these days are trained to notice body language carefully and really care about the translation of each move or expression you do. So, how can you succeed in passing the interview through the use of your body language in an effective way???

The handshake is the first movements that make a good impression about you. Avoid shaking and week handshaking. Let your way of shaking show your confidence, shake in a firmly way, smile and look straight to your interviewer eyes. It is also important that your handshake reflect politeness, warmth and amiability, and all that means to act spontaneously without exaggeration and should not prolonged handshake or repeat it to not lose credibility. Once you are offered a set, Sit down but keep a distance between you and the interviewer. Do not sit with your arms crossed in front of you, because that suggest that you are bored or don`t care about the person in front of you. Therefore just relax and put your hands on your lap or on a table in front of you ( if there is one ), and be attention to everything the interviewer says and listen to the questions carefully before rushing to answer them. Keep an eye contact with the interviewer, because he will be watching your ability to control your temper. Also by losing the eye contact or by looking here and there during the interview, you will leave him with the impression that you are not interested or maybe you have something to hide. You can also let your eyes reflect your enthusiasm for work and that you want to prove your abilities, and this spirit will make your eyes appear...
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