Effective Time Management

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  • Published : July 19, 2010
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Effective Time Management

A problem in my day-to-day life that I would like to solve is Time Management. I would like to improve my skills, and create an effective time management schedule, because no one wants to feel like they didn’t use their time effectively. One thing we all could agree on is that the resource of time is available equally to each individual. We all have the same 24 hours per day available to us, and the challenge is to use this time sufficiently on a daily basis. Working professionals of today are finding it harder to manage their time with balancing their duties at work, school, and personal lives. It takes a number of things to do, to be able to manage one’s time effectively. In my developing a research strategy to finding solutions to my time management problem I started by researching in the University of Phoenix Online Library. I used the key words “effective time management skills” where there were thousands of different articles to read, and of course I couldn’t go through all of them, but I did manage to read quite a few different ones. There was one particular journal that I read, and what stuck out the most was this sentence. “The underlying theme of time management is the notion of efficiency, that time can be allocated in a way that optimizes the returns of goal achievement. (McFadden, K., & Dart, J. (1992, November). Time management skills of undergraduate business students. Journal of Education for Business, 68(2), 84. Retrieved August 8, 2009, from Professional Development Collection database). I had to stop and really think about what it was that sentence was saying to me, and how it could help me further with my evaluations. It say’s to me that if you are efficient and maintain a way to use your time so that you are productive, in return you will achieve your goals.

Effective Time Management
I also went back and re-read (Chapter 1 from our text Keys to College Studying). There I obtained...
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