Effective Teaching

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The Essential Characteristics of Effective Teaching

There are many attributes a teacher must possess to become an effective teacher. The way the teachers conduct themselves in the classroom will influence their student’s future, and as a teacher is a role model to all students, they must go about their daily activities with numerous essential characteristics. Teaching strategies have been impacted by Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories and because of these, constructivist teaching is now widely accepted across the education system and cognitive skills have developed. Future development of a child will be impacted by the education they receive and the teaching strategies used by their teachers, saying this, it is vital that teachers collaborate with others, dedicate themselves to educating their students, communicate information to their audience, abide by their legal responsibilities, create a positive learning environment and are able to improve their professionalism by continuously educating themselves in order to provide a better learning environment for their students and colleagues.

Teachers professional knowledge of the curriculum, the subjects taught to the students, the core values of the school, the knowledge of the values of the Education Department in their relevant state or territory, the knowledge they have of their individual students, the way they practice in the classroom, and the ethics they exercise in all fields of teaching, in and out of the classroom are all a part of professional teaching practices. “To be effective in the promotion of student learning they often require high levels of technical and other knowledge – about the subject matter to be taught, about the nature of learning and ways in which it can be facilitated, about the particular curriculum and its context, about the students concerned, about the school and school system and their contexts” (Preston, 1993, p.11) Teachers need to remain vigilant of all students under their supervision. With the use of all resources available, teachers need to cater for their students needs. They may have to adapt to each individual student to allow them to be creative and develop their cognitive skills. Teachers must evaluate their students to monitor their progress and report back to their findings for evidence of the student’s capabilities in each subject. The teacher should also engage in school activities outside of their classroom. Knowledge should be shared amongst their co-workers, and they need to execute the curriculum in order to make sure the students are at the expected learning stage for their age. They need to be a team player and participate in meetings and be pro-active in planning for the school. “Professional learning is seen as a key means of ensuring that teachers have the skills, knowledge and understandings necessary to provide students with high quality education.” Western Australian Department of Education (WADoE), ( 2004)

Preparations for the lesson are crucial, and to carry out the curriculum guidelines and ensure the success of the students, it is imperative that teachers plan for the lesson. A number of factors must be considered when planning a lesson. As the pedagogy behind teaching is always changing, it is important that teachers keep themselves educated. Using appropriate resources available to them, teachers must adapt to changes in curriculum requirements, how they deliver their lessons, and how the students learn because of their teaching strategies. “Good teachers are committed to planning because it allows them to develop the most meaningful learning activities, processes and outcomes for their students. Successful planning equals successful learning experiences for students” (McBurney-Fry, 2002, p.57)

The topic of the lesson needs to be acknowledged, and taking into consideration the cognitive skills of all students, a teaching strategy for the lesson needs to be selected, and then discovery of how to...
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