Effective Study Habits Worksheet

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Effective Study Habits Worksheet

Review Phoenix Career Plan results of Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preference, respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

Describe your ideal study environment.
* I would describe my ideal study enviormentup in a confined area away form any distractions. An area where I can focus on my discussion question & responses, aswell as the assignments. A location where I can be relaxed & comfortable so I can have the ability to acoomplish my assignments in a timely manner. *

List some of the distractions that might hinder your study progress or your performance in an online classroom. *
* The question should be what isn’t a distraction. Television, radio, phone calls, children, cooking, eating food, tired or sleepy, visitors. The list goes on. All these are key factors to distraction. Making it nearly impossible to have the ability to stay focused on task at hand. *

What actions can you take to manage and eliminate distractions? *
* The actions that I wouldtake to manage & eliminate distractions are: * Being able to have enough rest so that you are able to attend to your studies & complete your assignments at ease of pressure or out of focus. Making sure that you are in a quiet enviorment so you have a chance to understand what is required when task is at hand. Also turning off radios & phones so that can’t be any distractions when you are trying to finished your required assigments. *

How will you apply your personal learning style? How does your personal Learning style affect your study habits? *
* I really haven’t acquired a specific learning style. What I have done is worked with more than one on a adjustment basis. I have days that I can sit in a quiet enviorment & learn by what I read....
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