Effective Stakeholder Dialogue

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Effective Stakeholder Dialogue

By | October 2008
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Stakeholder Dialogue Week One – Summary

Question 1 - What role can education play in the sustainability of the Ganges? And how can this be implemented?

Education can help create awareness about the dangers of extinction of animals, effect of pollution on human and animal life, as well as plants and forestry. •Facilitate highly effective studies and development to create sustainable power generation plants, that are also cost effective and solutions to sustain animal life. •Help improve the lives of the Dalit’s and as such allow safer cremation practices. It will also allow minimizing the dumping of animal remains in the river. •Understanding of the effects of dumping chemicals directly into the river. •Highlight the importance of keeping the river clean to sustain the river. •Religious leaders need to be educated, so they can use their influence to pass on the message •Governments (India & Bangladesh) need to educate themselves on cost effective solutions •Small industry (eg farmers) need to understand what their practices are doing to the river and how this will affect them in the long run •The Indian & Bangladesh governments need to start working together and out differences aside •Education is important and people need to understand the consequences •Government need to be educated look at other nations greater exposure to international techniques •Provide basic education (not just sustainability)

Leading from top – down
Simple ways to get message across
Need to focus on younger generation – impressionable
Educate/ inform other nations
Survival vs. sustainability
Long term approach
Education vs. century old practices

Art & theatre
Schools and education centres
Religious involvement to encourage sustainable practices •Non political organisations
Political pressure (internally and externally)
Other countries can get involved to educate the Indian people •Bollywood movie

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