Effective Segmentation and Marketing Strategies on Concord Group

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Effective segmentation and targeting strategies:

A study on “Concord Group’’

Date: 31 July 2011

Hamidul Islam
Course Instructor: Marketing Management
American International University-Bangladesh.

Subject: submission of term paper.

Dear Sir,
We have a great pleasure to submit this term paper on “concord group entertainment department” which has been prepared and submitted for the requirements of the Final Examination of Marketing Management. We are highly honored to have the opportunity to work on it which helping us a great deal in gaining practical examples relevant to this course.

Finally, we are truly grateful to you for giving us this nice opportunity to work on this report, which we have considered as a great chance for us to develop our practical concept. The entire group contribution has led to the successful completion of this report. Although we have tried our best, certain mistakes and inconvenience may reside and for this we seek pardon and hope you will accept our apologies.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature) Shad, Fazelish 10-16007-1

Hossain M.M Arafat 09-12830-1

Sarkar MD Robel 09-14085-2

Kabir G.M Redwanul 09-13004-1 Acknowledgement: I

The success of this report depends on the contribution of our group members.

First, we express our sincere gratitude to our honorable course teacher Hamidul Islam for his valuable contribution to the preparation of this term paper. He has been gracious enough to spare time out from her busy schedule for giving us all the necessary assistance throughout the entire term paper writing time. Without her help this report might not have been a comprehensive one.

All of our group members supported each other, throughout the making of this term paper and completing it successfully. We have done some group discussions, where we shared each other’s views on the different issues of the entertainment department and sequentially put all our findings and analysis.

The members of concord group are also helped us for making this report.

Executive summary: II

Concord Group is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. It was established in 1972, Concord has grown to become one of the largest construction conglomerates in the country-ever expanding, diversifying, setting trends, breaking records and raising standards.

Under Concord Group there are many different department run their business. Concord has real estate company, Entertainment Company, construction & engineering company, Architects & engineers Ltd., condominium Ltd. Etc.

Concord has created a new destination in the entertainment in Bangladesh. Concord has many first initiative sectors: the country’s first world class theme park, Water Park, sea world, foy’s lake, Heritage Park.

Concord group “entertainment department’’ follow the marketing concept. Concord entertainment company ltd. always tries to know the needs and wants of the target customer and delivering them the desired satisfaction. They always focus on the customer satisfaction.

Concord Entertainment Company has its strategy adopted by marketers in which they target more than one segment with its distinct and different products for each segment. So, in this strategy organizations plan and adopt different and unique marketing strategies to attract its product customer in each segment and cater to their needs and demands.

Concord entertainment company is followed product line pricing. Product line...
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