Effective Role Models

Topics: Childhood, Mother, Sociology Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Effective Role Models
Role models are inspirational people who encourage others to progress and work toward self-improvement. They are especially important for today’s youth and can play an important role in shaping our society. Role models can influence a young one’s values, beliefs, and attitudes, which will shape the person that one will grow to be. Role models have the ability to focus their efforts on others rather than on themselves and they are selfless. Role models inspire others not only by their words, but more so by their actions that move us to do the same. Role models help others by offering good examples, by inspiring others realize the endless possibilities to reach their goals, and by moving others to be the best that they can be.

In my opinion, parents are the most effective and influential role models in the lives of their children. The youth of society can learn from, and aspire to be like their parents as they are being reared in their childhood years. Fathers and mothers strive to teach their children important values and beliefs as well as demonstrate attitudes and behaviors considered appropriate and beneficial for society’s well being. Parents strive to ensure that their children are successful in their efforts, both personally and socially. They stand tall, maintaining positive and nurturing attitudes. Good parents with effective parenting skills continually create important, life lessons because they understand, that as youth, children look to them for guidance. Parents pave the way for young people to build a bright future. They teach skills to their children so that they are able to sustain themselves in today’s society and progress. Children are society’s hope for a better future, for a thriving living environment in the world, and for inspiring the forward progression of the human race. There is no doubt that mothers and fathers are prime examples of effective role models. I’ve chosen parents as the epitomes of effective role...
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