Effective Radio Advertising Starts with Singular Focus

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  • Published : September 28, 2006
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Effective Radio Advertising Starts with Singular Focus

We've all heard the radio ads before. The audio reads like a lifeless brochure. How much sales material can be crammed into thirty or sixty seconds? Radio advertising is different than print advertising, yet many advertisers, ad agencies and radio stations treat it the same. Keep in mind that radio listeners are preoccupied with other tasks – driving, working, etc. Why make your message more difficult to absorb than it needs to be. Want your radio commercial to be more effective? Stick to a singular focus.

First, you need to know what the focus of your radio campaign is. Many ad campaigns are built upon price offers and special deals. If that's what makes you unique, and your campaign is singularly focused around offers, that's great! Most of the radio advertising on the air is not focused on offers, but on products, services and their respective businesses. Branding is a term that many advertisers hear all the time, but seem to only reserve for the big boys. As a small or midsized business taking advantage of radio advertising, branding is just as important. To define branding in its most elemental form, it is essentially what people PRIMARILY think of when they think of you. Many times, the business owner is not able to answer that question. To find out what your brand is, you should talk to your customers. If you are a service based business, what is it that people really value about your service? If you sell goods, what is the core reason people buy those goods...and why from you? The idea is to find out what really makes people feel comfortable buying from you. Find out what customers think about you overall. You should see a pattern develop here. This is basically your brand. Once you nail down what it is that makes customers want to come to your business, its time to exploit it in your radio advertising.

Next, your radio ad should not do anything else but communicate your brand. The...
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