Effective Persuasion

Topics: Writing, Persuasion, Emotion Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: July 31, 2011
Effective Persuasion
I See Why Others Choose to Die written by Jerry Fensterman was a very touching essay. Jerry Fensterman had written this essay after he was diagnosed with cancer. Out of the four essays I choose to write about this one because I believe Jerry Fensterman has made a valid and remarkable point on the issue of physician-assisted suicide. I agree with Jerry Fensterman when he states knowing the feeling, loving, rational person could choose death over life. Fensterman has definitely been through a lot of pain and stuck it out so he has every right to make a statement like that. Even though he can see how a rational person could choose death over life he had said personally that he was not against physical-assisted suicide. Just if it were available to him at that time that he would not have choose that route. Reading Fensterman’s essay has defiantly persuaded me. He used very strong and emotional words that grabbed my attention. He explains what a burden he is, not only to himself but to friends, family, and loved ones. Jerry Fensterman explains a lot of things having to do with physical and emotional pain. I took a liking to this in particular essay because it was so personal. This man knew what he was talking about and his own experience was his evidence and facts. To be able to have a personal experience so close or right on the subject matter that is taking place is easier to make a stronger opinion. Writepoint Feedback

Writepoint is my magic highlighter. I think it is great that we have Writepoint as a tool for or college papers. Writpoint points out and recognizes errors that are most commonly made. I really like how this tool suggests comments and possible changes to the paper whether it is toward grammar and style. When I received my feedback from Writepoint on my Effective Persuasion paper I notice that there can be correction made to it. Taking in the comments and suggestions now will better my writing in the future. The first...
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