Effective Management Communication

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Supervisor-Subordinate Communication

Supervisor-subordinate communication is an integral part of how successful a company can be. It can also be a major factor in bringing a company down. How well a team, department or organization functions can be directly ties to how well a manager can communicate with their subordinates. For a company to succeed, managers will need to learn and understand the following questions: 1. How does supervisor communication affect others?

2. Why must effective managers gain employee trust?
3. Can cultures of employees affect managing techniques?
4. How to build a bright future?
How does supervisor communication affect others?
Supervisor communication affects everyone inside a team, department or company much more than the supervisor might realize. When there is poor communication, it can hinder the processes of many areas of the company. Having good communication between employee and manager can lead the team to be very successful. Having good communication can help build a positive environment where all employees within the company are happy. When employees are happy, a company can focus on moving forward. This will ultimately benefit the company and increase business.

Training supervisors properly is a key trait of company success. A company can use surveys to help one another understand where they succeed and where they fail. Angela Sinickas points out that “This process works best if it begins at the top, with the executive staff first assessing the CEO, who feeds back to the respondents what he or she learned from the results” (2007, pg 1). This process can be done over and over throughout the company as to make sure that all managers have been covered. By doing this, each individual manager will be able to improve their skills by learning what they need to work on. Some superiors may be surprised to learn that one skill that was thought to be excellent was in fact not a good trait of a manager. For...
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