Effective Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Social influence Pages: 4 (1032 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Effective Leadership: The Highs and Lows of Superior Authority

University of Maryland University College

AMBA 620

May 24, 2012

Professor Mary Hrutka

In the following paper, the leadership style of one individual is critically examined and analyzed. Leader X has a delegative leadership style that places a majority of the decision making on the subordinates within the office. She has influenced me to alter my leadership style and address some fallacies I have with my behavior in a leadership capacity. Leader X welcomes suggestions from the staff, changes to the office and promotes employee feedback regarding work assignments. The delegative leadership style creates a comfortable and inviting work environment, however, the level of authority and boundaries become blurred when the superior does not assert their authority within the office. An analysis as to how I can transcend my leadership skills within a work environment is discussed. And Leader X is offered recommendations on altering her office from one that is geared by the opinions and views of employees, to one that follows and adheres to the direction of one individual; the superior.

In order for one to be an effective and efficient leader, they must possess a variety of characteristics. An effective leader should have vast knowledge of their professional field, superior emotional intelligence, and strong managerial and administrative skills. Extraordinary leaders are not solely expected to guide subordinates in the workplace. Their strengths also rely upon how well they follow the guidance and recommendations of others. Further analysis into the makings of a great leader will explain the importance of these characteristics and how it gears a successful career. Exemplary Leadership Qualities

Emotional intelligence, strong managerial and administrative skills are just a few characteristics of a leader. However a leader must strongly have these qualities in order...
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