Effective Leadership

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Effective professional school leadership is a common phrase tossed around as the country is focusing on improving school districts in our nation. Although student learning is the concern and responsibility of everyone, I believe with effective professional leadership this will trickle down to all the stakeholders involved. Teachers, parents, students and the community will have a positive impact on the school environment if the leader leads by example and is equally committed to achieving excellence in the school. Combining all these entities can make the school environment run like a well-oiled machine. I. Leaders

* Use data effectively -Encouragent, recognition, support for improving student learning * Move from talking about change to making a change, be visible * Teachers feel safe and secure, enforce student conduct

* Access to appropriate materials
* Involve teachers in decision making process, integrate old and new teachers * School improvement plans -Weed out what doesn’t work, not just a manager * Observe but provide feedback, steps to improve, teach how to fixprobs * Communicate (o and w), families, students and staff.

* Risk taker, handle stress, surveys, honest, earn respect, connect with teachers * best practices build on teachers strengths and have them share, validate * use team leads to offer guidance in areas not expert in * knowledge of current curriculum and assessment

* academic success for all students -these qualities impact the teachers II. Teachers
* Quality classroom instruction
* Set high expectations and push them to do it
* Collaborate with other teachers
* Take part in SIP
* Creative design and delivery of lessons
* Best practices in class
* Classroom management,peer observations, use planningtime III. Students
* Ownership for education, teachers believe in them, hold accountable * Safe supportive environment that leader provides creates...
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