Effective Interview Skills

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A complete Sales and Marketing Course that aims to give you the understanding, confidence and insight you need to perform to the best of your ability at interview.

Brian Cahill


Brian Cahill

Effective Interview Skills

How to Sell and Market Yourself

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Hi. I'm Brian Cahill. I have over 30 years commercial experience with Gulf Oil, International Computers Limited, L.M. Ericsson, Philips and Siemens in IT, Sales and Marketing, Line and General Manager positions. I have also worked with the Management and Skills Training organisation delivering courses in Sales, Customer Service and Telephone Techniques. I have also been involved in the Recruitment business working as Business Development Manager for a specialist consultancy targetting the IT, Finance and Legal sectors. The information is based on my business knowledge and on my experience reviewing thousands of CV's and personally interviewing hundreds of candidates. Most candidates represent themselves poorly on their CV and very many do not interview well - despite having the credentials for the job. In todays ruthlessly competitive markets, if you can’t sell and market yourself in the face to face situation of an interview then I’m afraid you have little chance of success. Knowing who you are, knowing how to write who you are and knowing how to verbally express who you are, are key to your success. Not one, not two but all three. I hope my examples, suggestions and advice help you re-evaluate yourself and make a real difference to you. Getting a job is not easy – it’s tough. However, it can of course be done. It just takes some time, some patience and some determination. Best of luck!




INTRODUCTION Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Why “Effective?” Structure What is an Interview Your CV Knowing Yourself Basic Interview Errors Impressions Your Voice Selling & Buying Before the Interview The Interview Itself After the Interview Agency Interviews The Telephone Interview Behaviour Based Interviews Direction Exercise

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“Effective Interview Skills – How to Sell and Market Yourself” aims to give you the understanding, confidence and insight you need to perform to the best of your ability at interview. Your CV and the interview itself are inextricably entwined. To someone who does not know you, your CV is you. Like it or not, they will have formed an opinion of you, and the person they believe they will meet at interview, based on the information contained in your CV. If you have read “Effective CV Writing – What Employers and Agencies Want to See” you will know that your CV has brought you to this stage - and that is its primary function. But your CV - no matter how brilliant - will not get you a job. YOU get you a job. And you get a job at interview. Face-to-face, in front of one person or several, with nowhere to hide, it is up to you to meet and exceed their expectations and to make sure that you create an image in their mind that you are the right person for the job - generally to the exclusion of all others. So, is this about interview technique? Yes it is - but that's not really what it's about. When you strip away everything else this is about selling - and this is a sales course. And what are we selling?

No matter what you are involved in, everybody sells, every day. And the biggest sales job is selling yourself successfully to people who don't know you....
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