Effective Data Management

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Effective Data Management Strategies and Business Intelligence Tools Keiser University
Dr. Thompson
MBA 562
April 12, 2012

In today’s society, many individuals and companies use smaller and more powerful computing and communication devices. These devices have better connectivity when in both wired and wireless environments, and accepted standards for data transfer and presentation. These devices play a major role in the lives of individuals and companies worldwide. Company employees use smaller devices to track leads, and new potential customers while out of the office environment. As new technology emerges, it presents the difficult set of challenges that revolve around data management. Data management needs to be reliable, efficiently stored, queried, and delivered efficiently. With those challenges, comes another challenge all in its own: is the way data management used to reach customers ethical? With so much new technology abounding, data management and the ethical uses of it are a big factor in what business tools companies use to ensure that their data is safe and ethical.

Companies collect potential customer information in a variety of ways. These include through the telephone, internet, face to face encounters and bought data. Most companies understand that they will face challenged with the data they collect relating to the completeness, accuracy of the information.

Business Intelligence tools can offer a clear view of the progress companies are making to manage their data as well as help them use it ethically and avoid causing any rifts between them and their potential and current customers. These tools can help companies clear out any out of date information, incomplete information, customers who wish to not be contacted in the future, as well as allow them to be able to continue their current business relationships with those potential and current customers who wish to continue being contacted. These tools help the company run more efficiently both financially and productivity wise.

In this research paper, we will look at the data management strategies used by various companies and the business intelligence tools companies use in order to gain an advantage over this competitors. The ethical side of how companies use this data to reach potential customers will also be discussed.

Creating Effective Data Management Strategies

To really manage data well, the first thing that should be done is develop processes to manage the data. There are four steps that should be used to ensure that a successful data management strategy is created: data migration/integration, data maintenance, data quality control/assurance and data archiving.

Data migration is just that, migrating the data from an old, or legacy, system into your new information system. This data is cleaned up, mapped, converted into the new format and loaded into the new system. A great example of data migration is from the company called Trax Software, Inc. They are located in Coconut Grove, Fl. The company is an aviation maintenance software company. Their software tracks all maintenance work that needs to be done for the aircraft. When an airline chooses Trax as their provider, a data migration team is sent in to clean up, purge and ready all the data from the airlines legacy system in order for it to be successfully merged into the Trax database. The team maps the data between the two systems and imports it from the old system to the new using an import program. Data maintenance is an ongoing process that allows companies to make sure the data in their management system is accurate and up to date. Most companies have data in their system that is inaccurate or incomplete because they do not run their maintenance cleaning as frequently as they should. Companies would benefit from data maintenance because it would free up space in the system for new potential customer...
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