Effective Customer Service Awareness Satisfaction as Perceived by Nhatoda in Southville Iii Muntinlupa City.

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A “tricycle” is a public vehicle consisting of a motorcycle and an attached passenger sidecar. This should not be confused with an unmotorized three-wheeled pedicab known as a “trisikad”. Nowadays, one of the several sources of income is driving a for-hire tricycle. Human-powered trikes are usually powered by pedals, although some models have hand cranks. Motorized trikes can be powered with a variety of methods, including motorcycle engines, smaller automatic transmission scooter motors, and electric motors. While tricycles are often associated with the small three-wheeled vehicles used by pre-school-age children, they are also used by adults for a variety of purposes.

In the Philippines, it is used for serving as a kind of taxi. A cab is too expensive and a Jeepney will only go so far. A bus won’t fit in alleys. So what’s the remaining option? A tricycle ride. The tricycle is a Philippine transportation vehicle that rules inner roads and alleys. Well, on second thought, it rules even highways at times. It can go from one street corner to the next, or one town to the next, or one city to the next. There are times when it goes from province to province. It is so versatile and adaptable in rural and urban applications. It can serve passengers rain or shine. It can take one to several street corners, the next town, or even the next city or province for the right contract fare. Tricycles are known to rule even national highways. Normally, a tricycle can accommodate 4 passengers if safety measures are considered. But often one will see this Philippine transportation vehicle carrying 10 to 20 passengers, mostly daring students or youths, squeezed in the sidecar and at the backseat behind the driver, some hanging from the rear and side of the sidecar and more atop its roof. This Philippine transportation mini vehicle is often seen carrying loads of market goods, hardware, or furniture and appliances. Tricycles even act as ambulances carrying patients or the injured to hospitals.

People who don't have their private vehicle are familiar to this kind of transportation. Some may encounter reckless drivers when maneuvering their ride. Some were overpricing and were picky with their customers. Some wouldn't mind if their passengers were comfortable with their service especially during rainy season. This means of transportation for the masses is very cheap compared to cobs. But it took a toll to the drivers and passengers. There are studies implying the unhealthy effects of the smoke it produces. Carbon Monoxide is produced when there is an incomplete combustion. This enters the bloodstream combining with hemoglobin causes heart contractions, nausea, chest pain, irritability, headaches and is very risky to children especially the human fetus and the elderly. Some studies even conclude that chemicals burned from its engine can contribute carcinogens causing cancer.

There is a significant relationship between the driver’s job satisfaction & customer service satisfaction.


Caterina C. Bulgarella, Ph.D - Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction
1. Employees that interact with customers are in a position to develop awareness of and respond to customer goals and needs.
2. Satisfied employees are motivated employees; that is, they have the motivational resources to deliver adequate effort and care.
3. Satisfied employees are empowered employees; in other words, they have the resources, training, and responsibilities to understand and serve customer needs and demands.
4. Satisfied employees have high energy and willingness to give good service: at a very minimum, they can deliver a more positive perception of the service/product provided.
5. Satisfied employees can provide customers with interpersonal sensibility and social account and they have enough emotional resources to show empathy, understanding and respect.

Mark N. Vamos, Editor (N.D.)...
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