Effective Communication Skills

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Task one
According to (vtaide 2011) effective communication means that we are able to express ourselves, both verbally and non-verbally, in ways that are appropriate to our cultures and situations. This means not being able to express our opinions and desires, but also our needs and fears and to ask for help and advice. There are a number of different interpersonal communication strategies that enable communication to become effective. Focused listening is a communication strategy that not only enables more of a chance to be able to hear what the speaker is saying but it also sends signals to the speaker to let them know that you are actually listening and engaged and also that you are actually listening in what they have to say. In some of my modules I am required to do some group work. As individuals we all have our different ways of working and I have realised how focused listening has helped me to work and get along better with my teammates. When I focus on listening to what someone is saying I am able to understand them better and I can also see that the speaker appreciates that they are being listened to. I can see how this strategy improves group work because of the improved communication. Another strategy that helps me communicate with other students at university is empathising. Again when doing group work there has been times when I had a total differences in opinion about what topic to research on with other members of the team . I realise that putting yourself in other people’s place helps to see their point view and it makes it much easier to come to a mutual understanding. I have also found that taking notes helps when communicating. When receiving feedback it is good to take notes because this means you can get the key information. This will also encourage the speaker to give you very useful constructive criticism as it gives the speaker positive impression that you are paying attention to them. It is especially useful to take notes when a speaker...
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