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Workplace Communication
Amy K. Carter
March 4, 2013
Hanna Matatyaho

Workplace Communication
I currently work for a health care organization that follows the formal organizational model. “Formal organizations are generally understood to be systems of coordinated and controlled activities that arise when work is embedded in complex networks of technical relations and boundary-spanning exchanges” (Meyer & Rowan, 1977, p. 340). “The formal organizational model structure shows the relationship between authority and the subordinate” (Schatz, 2012, paragraph 2). This structure shows how the work within the organization is divided, the relationships within the organization, how communication occurs, positions within the organization that report to a common manager, and the different layers of management within the organization – from the top to the bottom.

As the classroom text points out, with formal structure, there is usually an informal structure. They draw the subtle lines between employees and whom they work with. Unlike the formal structure that moves from top to bottom, the informal structure moves throughout the team, from side to side, and across all levels from management to entry level positions.

One of the most effective and utilized systems for communicating ideas and suggestions for resolving problems within my organization is a system we call the “PIDS” system. It stands for “Process Improvement and Development System”. Employees have access to an online form through the organizations intranet, where they are able to submit suggestions for improvement, introduce new ideas, and report problems with current processes. When a “PIDS” is submitted, the employee has the option of identifying himself or herself or staying anonymous. This information is then sent to upper management, including the employees manager, the department director, and if applicable, the Vice President of the department, for review.

When upper management...
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