Effective Communication Paper

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Effective Communication Paper

By | Jan. 2012
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Effective Communication Paper
Angela Howe
April 4, 2011
Amanda Brown

Effective Communication Paper
Effective communication is an important factor in any health care organization. Although communication is important by itself, being able to communicate effectively is at the top of the list. As with any organization, all employees need to be on the same page. Without the skills needed to communicate effectively things can get missed which affects patient care. Also, confusion and disarray may occur among the staff. Each one of use is born with the ability to learn how to communicate. Which stands to reason to communicate effectively is a learned ability as well. Communication is simply defined as the way one expresses either verbally or non-verbal, thoughts, feelings, information and or ideas. When one is well informed he or she will be more likely to perform his or her job more effectively. Ineffective communication really hurts and origination. Ineffective communication results when the managers are not in regular touch with his or her employees (Juneja, 2009). Depending on how large a facility may be, depends on the number of hierarchical levels of the facility. When this comes into play, messages meant for employees might become lost or misunderstood. Poor listening skills, on the manages part can lead to ineffective communication as well. When managers come across as anger or frustration with his or her daily responsibilities, the employees may not feel as free to communicate with an open dialog. Employees may not be as eager do effectively do his or her job to the best of his or her ability if they do not feel the support of management.

Effective communication, in turn, means to help an organization be the best possible organization. Being a good communicator, is also being a good listener. People often think they are good listeners, but in reality as the person is talking, he or she are thinking during the conversation on what they are...

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