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Explain the importance of effective communication in a business.

Effective communication is key for the success within a business. In all organizations, it is necessary for people to communicate with each other in various ways. Effective communication involves four features; a sender, a medium of communication, a receiver and feedback. The sender is someone who passes on information to others. The medium of communication is the way in which the message is sent. The receiver is the person who the message should be sent to. The feedback is where the receiver confirms that the message has been received and responds to it.

Effective communication in a business can be done in one-way or two-way communication. One-way communication involves a message that does not require a response such as a command or an instruction given to someone. Two-way communication is when a receiver gives a response to the message and there is a discussion about it. Two-way communication provides more effective communication than one-way because it can lead to better and clearer information, as both people are involved in the communication process.

Effective communication can be internally or externally. Internal communication is when messages are sent between people working in the same organization such as a manager talking to workers, or a report sent from one director to another. External communication is when messages are sent between one organization and another organization or outside individual. External communication can be used to order goods from suppliers, sending information to costumers about prices and delivery items, and asking costumers to pay bills on time.

Lastly, effective communication in a business could be done in many ways such as verbal communication, written communication, and visual communication. Verbal communication is when the sender speaker to the receiver (via phone, video conferencing etc.). This allows information to be passed quickly and it...
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