Effective Communication

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  • Published : July 10, 2011
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Communicating Effectively In Spoken English In Selected Social Contexts. Communication is a process of transmitting information from origin to recipients where the information is required to be understood, reacted and responded by the recipients. According to Carl Rogers (1952), real communication occured when we understand what we listen, feel the ideas and attitude expressed from other person's point of view and when we achieve the frame of reference in regard to the things a speaker is talking about. There are three types of communication according to Camp & Satterwhite (2002), i.e. oral, written and non-verbal communication. Since this paper is to discuss on communicating effectively in spoken English, oral communication is the right type of communication to be discussed. In oral communication, information, messages, thoughts and ideas are conveyed via spoken language. Basically this takes place during face-to-face conversation, meetings, voice mail messages, teleconferencing, oral presentations and public speaking. Very often, spoken messages are sent very quickly and feedback received almost immediately. However, there is little or no chance to reflect on what is said. In order to communicate effectively, oral communication needs to combine with non-verbal communication also known as body language. A certain look or gesture can speak thousand words. According to Camp & Satterwhite (2002), non-verbal communication can be a very powerful form of communication and often includes appearance, posture, eye contact, nervousness, grooming and dressing. Non-verbal communication can be very powerful in supporting what you say. For example, when you thank somebody, a grateful look will reinforce your feelings very strongly. Therefore, in face-to-face interactions, oral and non-verbal communications must come hand-in-hand in order to communicate effectively. Since this paper is to discuss on communicating effectively in spoken English in selected social...
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