Effective Communication

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Delaware Technical Community College
Effective Communication
Syll. 3.1
Alexis Smith

Effective Communication
Actual Event
Effective communication is an important key to success; body language, personal interaction and context are all components of effective communication. There are many different areas to use effective communication, such as, a work environment, a household, and in a classroom. No matter your age, background, or experience everyone can learn from communication. A personal event that I encountered was deciding where to purchase a gym membership. I had made a goal to get in the gym and live a healthy lifestyle, as most people do for a New Year resolution. Once I got the motivation to get into the gym, I wanted a gym that was local so I did not have to drive a great distance. I knew if I had to drive more than 15 minutes to exercise it would not be on my priority list. So I looked up the nearest gyms and came across 2 local gyms, both within the same distance from my house. I then made phone calls to both gyms and asked their rates because, of course, I wanted the cheapest membership. When I made the phone call to the first gym, Anytime Fitness, I spoke with a lady who introduced herself and asked “what can I help you with?” I began to tell her I was interested in joining and wanted to know how much the memberships cost. Instead of shooting out prices over the phone she insisted I come in and get a good look at the gym and what they have to offer; if was still interested they would discuss prices because they could vary depending on persons, situations, and specials. She seemed very positive and confident that I would love their facility and made an appointment for me to meet with her. I was starting to get convinced and I wanted to check out all my options, so I agreed. When I made the phone call to the second gym, Snap Fitness, I spoke with a lady who answered the phone and said “hi, snap fitness –can I help you?” Her tone of...
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