Effective Business Communications

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There is a correlation between high-performing organizations and strong communication practices. t's more than just getting the right message to the right people at the right time. It's ensuring that communication programs help the organization meet its objectives.The ultimate result of communication in your organization - good or bad - is on the bottom line. Communicators can help organizations improve their effectiveness."

Internal Communications

Employee Communications
Development and implementation of employee communications programs including the use of internal publications, memos, intranet, employee forums/meetings, focus groups, video, social media Organizational Change Communications

Understanding employee communication needs during change, advice to leadership, development and implementation of communication plan External Communications

Stakeholder Communications
Development and implementation of communications programs for clients, partners, the media, the general public, or other stakeholder groups including the use of external publications, web, forums/meetings, presentations, focus groups, social media, traditional media, video Investor Relations Communications

Annual reports, presentations, publications, annual meetings Media Training Sessions for Municipalities
The better trained your spokespersons are, the better they represent your municipality

Within an organization, effective communication can make a difference by: Securing employee loyalty
Improving or maintaining employee morale
Creating mutual respect
Increasing trust between employees and management
Reducing turnover
Reducing absenteeism
Empowering employees
Helping employees deal with change effectively
Generating greater productivity
Enabling the organization to get through a crisis
Improving the bottom line

An Internal Communications Strategy Makes a Difference

Within an organization, effective communication can make a difference by: Securing...
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