Effective Approaches to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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  • Published : June 17, 2005
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Effective approaches to prevent teen pregnancy

After reading numerous articles and abstracts in regards to the ever so intriguing topic of teen pregnancy, I've come to a conclusion which is a little different than I had expected. Before reading any of the literature on teen pregnancy, I was under the assumption that the sex education classes provided in school were an extremely effective weapon against unwanted teenage pregnancies. Of the literature references that I've used and those of which I have haven't chosen to extrapolate on, many have reported results based on random surveys while others have conducted quantifiable research to reach their findings. In an article by Dryfoos J in the Planned Parenthood Review, Dryfoos mentions some methods that have been proven to slightly impact the teenage pregnancy issue. The article, "Preventing teen pregnancy: what works," the author tells us of what's necessary for any program designed to prevent teen pregnancy to be effective. He states "To avoid unintended pregnancy among young persons, two conditions must be met: they must have the capacity and a reason to want to control their fertility." This means that a teenager must have a reason to prevent herself from becoming pregnant as well as the means to do so. There are programs currently in place which help to provide a means to an end to this problem. They include family life education and birth control services. Programs which assist in providing a reason to not get pregnant include quality of life programs and expanding opportunities programs. Based on studies performed, two trends are emerging. These studies indicate that sex education can enhance knowledge but little evidence shows that these school based sex education programs have sexual activity or contraception use. Also, evaluations on the method of problem-solving have shown a reduced amount of risk-taking behavior as well as increase in the use of contraceptives for sexually active teenagers. Another...
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