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  • Published: January 13, 2013
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Part A

Outline the ways in which the Director of Administration and Corporate services and her team can ensure they provides an effective administration service to achieve Accent’s ‘commitment to excellence.’

For the existence and survival of any business it is pertinent to have visions, set objectives and create strategies to achieve these objectives. Because business objectives are long term and in continuum, a machinery is required to design and implement these plans, this is known as administration. Mullins (2007:414 ) defines administration as” a key part of management process that is responsible for the design and implementation of systems and procedures instigated by management to help meet stated objectives”.

Structure of the Business (ACCENT HOTEL GROUP)
The business runs a chain of seven hotels in major cities and airports. These hotels include 3 and 4 star hotels. It has 8 directors on its board and Daniel Rycaart the founder also as the CEO. Each hotel runs a semi-autonomous strategic business unit and is headed by a General Manager. All the SBUs report directly to CEO. The units headed by the directors:

-Administration and corporate service (includes IT)
-Hospitality and hotel services
-Human Resources
-Legal Service (company Secretary)
-Operations and conferences
-Risk Management
-Sales and Marketing

The hotels together offer accommodation to about 800 guests and employ about 800 staff. As part of its commitment to excellence and the provision of a quality experience for all guests, the hotels offers service which include:

-Conference suites for day delegates and function rooms for wedding receptions and parties -Evening entertainment in the bar
-Indoor heated swimming pool
-Leisure centre (gym, sauna, spas, etc for residents and members) -Outdoor terrace
-Two bars (one of which offer 24 hour bar meals)
-Two restaurants with top chefs (a la carte and self service buffet style)

Due to the CEO...
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