Effect the Belly Putter Has on the Game of Golf

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Joe Stepnes
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Effect the Belly Putter has on the Game of Golf

The belly putter, a putter that is approximately 45 inches long and anchors to your belly, has spread like a wild fire on the PGA Tour. More and more players are switching to the anchored putter after all the success it has had in the past couple of years. Professionals believe that, if it works for him then it will work for me and therefore the domino affect occurs. One by one, players have been testing and using the belly putter in the past year, so much so that just about every guy on the PGA tour has at least tried the anchored putter at one time or another. They are always looking for that extra advantage in order to play their best golf and shoot lower scores, and why not when they are playing for so much money! When they have so much riding on each and every shot they want the best equipment and the best chance they can get in order to lower their scores and move up the leaderboard. These players have found that in the anchored putter and more and more players are converting from the conventional style to the anchored style in hopes of making more putts.

Many players believe that there is an unfair advantage when their competitor is using a belly putter, when in actuality there is no unfair advantage because everyone has the option to use one since they are legal. However, many traditionalists such as Tiger Woods, Luke Donald, and Graeme McDowell are not happy about all of the hype and use the anchored putter has been receiving lately because they believe that it takes away from the character of the game. On the other hand, it has been proven that making more putts leads to lower scores and more fun on the golf course. So amateurs and recreational players should be able to utilize the anchored putter so they can get more enjoyment out of the game and let the professionals use the short putter to keep the tradition in the game.

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