Effect Sports Play on a Person's Life

Topics: South Africa, Nelson Mandela, 1995 Rugby World Cup Pages: 6 (2265 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Effect Sports Play on a Person’s Life

By looking at Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby and Invictus by John Carlin, we can see what sports can do to a community by controlling a person’s life and the extreme that the fans will go to in support of their team, this is important because in the toughest times in a person’s life sports is something that they can rely on in this difficult time. Sports are more than a game it is an activity that brings the fans closer together. When no one is there for help, sports will always be there. In Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby is an avid fan of Arsenal, a soccer team in the Premier League in England. His life revolves around the schedule of Arsenal. At first Hornby uses Arsenal as a way of escaping his trouble because his parents got divorced, but then Arsenal starts to cause him a lot of troubles when they lose important games. Nelson Mandela in Invictus uses the Rugby World Cup of 1995 to unite South Africa. South Africa has endured many struggles with the apartheid. The South African rugby team unites the country by winning the world cup. These two works prove that sports will always be there for you. When you need to rely on something sports are always there. “It’s in there all the time, looking for a way out.”(Hornby, page 1). This quote shows how everyone has their own desire and this desire needs to be part of that person’s life. The desire is an essential part of someone’s life and must be used.

In the worst moment on someone’s life they need help, sports is what Nick Hornby relied on in his hardest moments. Nick Hornby was going through a difficult time in his life when his parents got divorced. His dad wanted to spend time with him so he took him to see Arsenal. His father was not a huge fan of Arsenal, the reason why he chose this game because it was conveniently close. Nick immediately fell in love with the team. Nick would go to every home game with his father and this was their only time together. Nick even gets bullied at school because of his alliance with Arsenal because no other students at his school are fans of Arsenal. Whenever Arsenal would lose, the other students in Nick’s class would tease him because he was the only fan of Arsenal in town. Nick felt alone at school because of the teasing but as a result of this treatment Nick would only become a bigger fan of the team. Nick goes to a game with his stepmother and two half-siblings and the team wins by a large margin so Nick fells that the victory is because of whom he attended a game with. When Arsenal looses and his stepmother and stepsiblings are there he gets angry and feels that the defeat is their fault. He gets upset about the fact that he now has a stepmother and stepsiblings. Nick becomes depressed when Arsenal is doing poorly. Instead of ignoring the team and focusing on his outside life and his family, Nick does the opposite. He starts focusing more on the team and ignoring other things occurring in his life. Even when Arsenal is doing well, it takes a lot in a game for Nick to consider it to be a good game. “Arsenal may twice have "done the Double"--winning both the League Championship and the FA Cup in one season; they may have provided the core of several Home Counties international sides; but they will never be known as anything but boring Arsenal.” (Welch, page 1). Nick is setting his standards up two high and is only setting himself up for a disaster. When Arsenal looses he becomes depressed, and he only gets happy after a victory in which certain things occur. Friedrich Nietzsche who was a German philosopher, poet, and composer. He once said “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” and that is what is happens to Nick. Nick has many obstacles that he has to avoid and the way he does this is by relying heavily on sports. By overcoming these obstacles Nick becomes a stronger person. South Africa does a similar thing that Nick Hornby did, when they are...
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