Effect on Enzyme Activity

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Aim To investigate the effect of Temperature,Ph and substrate concentration on the rate of enzyme activity. Hypothesis That only a certain, temperature,ph and concentration will the enzyme’s activity be at its optimum, this is being the right environment for it to function. Part A – Effect of temperature on Rennin

Intro Temperature affects the rate at which molecules collide with each other.An increase in temperature will inturn increase activity and rate of reacton.Enzymes only work at a specific temperature.Enzymes are specially folded to form active sites of a specific shape, and high temperatures can change the shape of the active sites, causing enzyme to be denatured..Rennin is enzyme found in stomach of mammals that helps solidiy milk. Materials

* Rennin solution
* 120ml of milk
* 12 Test tubes
* Stopwatch
* Test tube rack
* Measuring cylinder
* Water bath
* Ice
* Thermometer
1. Give each test tube a number from 1-12.
2. In each test tube place 10ml of milk.
3. Place test tubes 1-4 in ice water.
4. Measure the temperature of the water and record results in table. 5. Place 10 drops of rennin solution into test tubes 3 and 4.Test tubes 1 and 2 are controls and no rennin will be added to them. 6. Begin timing.Check if the milk has clotted in each test tube by removing from the ice water and tilting slightly every 30 seconds.If the milk has clotted it should not move. 7. Record the time taken for the milk to solidify completely for each test tube in the results table. 8. Place test tube 5—8 in a water bath of approximately 37oC. 9. Repeat steps 5-7 but leave test tubes 5 and 6 as conntrol’s – add no rennin.. 10. Place test tubes 9-12 in a water bath of approximately 80oC. 11. Repeat steps 5-7 but leave test tubes 9 and 10 as the controls- add no rennin. Results Temperature of Water Bath| Test Tuvbe Number| Time taken for Milk to Solidify (mins)| | 1 Control| -|

| 2 Control| -|
0-10| 3 Treatment| * 15|
| 4 Treatment| * 15|
| 5 Control| -|
37| 6 Control| -|
| 7 Treatment| 2|
| 8 Treatment| 2|
| 9 Control| -|
80| 10 Coontrol| -|
| 11 Teatment| * 15|
| 12 Treatment| * 15|

The purpose of the control test tubes were too compare the results of the test tubes with rennin, and to justify that temperature has an effect on enzyme activity.From the results in the table the fastest reaction of clotting the milk occurred at 37o C, this was the optimum temperature for the activity of tyhr enzyme present in the stomach know as rennin.This is because the temperature of the stomach is 37o C,and it is at this temp that rennin actively clots milk in the stomach.Anything outside this temperate the enzyme activity decreased/denatured.

Part B – Effect of Change in Ph on Enzyme Catalase
Intro Ph affects the activity of an enzynme in a similar manner to that of temperature.Enzymes wil have a specific pH for optimum function.If enxzyme put into environment outside optimum ph , it will change the...
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