Effect of World War II on America

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  • Published: May 13, 2013
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DBE #2
Angelique Gonzalez
Hai Nguyen
History 17b
Wednesday 6:05- 9pm

During the world war two, many people were affected and not only in a good way but some in very bad ways, it was definetly a wakeup call for many of the minorities in America that no matter what they did for their country they still would not be seen as equal. In the 2nd world war America tried its hardest to stray from going back into war they did this by practicing isolationism(neutrality) and also through Neutrality acts that banned travel of belligerents ships and the sale of arms to countries at war, they hoped to avoid the same conflicts that brought them into the 1st world war. Although they tried to stay Neutral, ofcourse like the last time, there was alot to eventually push them back into war even when most of America was against it. In Doc #11 “There can be no objection to any hand our government may take which strives to bring peace to the world so long as that hand does not tie 130,000,000 people into another world death march....We reach now a condition on all fours with that prevailing just before our plunge into the European war in 1917. Will we blindly repeat that futile venture? Can we easily forget that we won nothing we fought for then--that we lost every cause declared to be responsible for our entry then?” This document shows the struggle they had in convincing America that even though they did not want to go to war they had to.

In order to mobilize for the 2nd World War the government started taxing everyone more, gave workers more jobs so that they could build 1 ship everyday and a plane every 5 minutes and the auto factories produced trucks,tanks,and jeeps for the army. The workers had higher pay and overtime pay. Over 6 million women also started to work and over 350,000 served in the war itself. Many minority Americans were excited that the government was giving out more jobs and many people had moved over just to work and provide for their men that served. An example of this is Doc #10 “The war made me live better, it really did...My sister always said that Hitler was the one that got us out of the white folk's kitchen” So many minorities had hopes that by being in the war that meant equal treatment afterwards but unfortunately that wasnt the case. Mexican Americans were discriminated on because some of the youths wore flamboyant clothing known as the zoot suits and were seen as not good enough to walk into a simple cafe’. They were confined to lowest paid work or were just paid less than the regular white man, Doc #3 is a great example on how they felt after the war “Now here I was on my way over, and with the possibility of never returning......all the horrible thoughts imaginable would grip me, and before I could find answers, others thoughts would begin to swirl in. I remembered about us, the Mexican Americans...how the Anglo had pushed and held back out people in the Southwest...Why fight for America when you have not been treated as an American? …..All we wanted was a chance to prove how loyal and American we were.” As for Native Americans they had better luck during the war they because they were able to use there native language to throw off the japanese so they couldnt decode the americans messages. Many of the native americans after the war left their reservations to join the american culture and took advantage of the GI bill to get into college the document that expresses this the best isDoc#2“We, the Navajo people, were very fortunate to contribute our language as a code for our country's victory. For this I strongly recommend we teach our children the language our ancestors were blessed with at the beginning of time. It is very sacred and represents the power of life.”. Last but not least the Asains, they were treated the worst mainly because during the war there were terrible stereo types and films made about the japanese saying they looked like spies and that they were bad people and inhuman,...
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